Litsun introduces the Solar Water pump.  We  are the manufactures of Solar pumping system to give best solution to our end customer. Litsun provide the  best solar  water  pumping system  designed to  lift  water  from different depths for agriculture irrigation, horticulture farms, gardens, drinking water for remote village and other similar applications.

System Feture:-

  • High flow system High efficient robust modules.
  • DC&AC power input with auto switching.
  • Soft start features.
  • Built in diagnostics and protection.
  • UL approved system,
  • Robust IP55 controller enclosure.
  • Rugged pump construction.
  • Each and every pump is tested as per IS:5120-1977

System Component :-

  • Solar module or panels
  • Solar pump
  • Solar DC-AC controller
  • Support structure
  • Electrical interconnections
  • Plumbing
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